This is a Honda Jazz...I'm not familiar with it, but this bike is unbelievably nice.  I have many close up pictures and it appears to be flawless.  The same owner has the minitrail below.  I hope to have some Vespas here shortly.  If you have some pictures of some rare or interesting minibikes or motorcycles, send me some pictures and I will post them here.

Other Minibikes of Interest

Here is a neat ST90 K1 model.    Owner is .  He is looking for an owners manual for a CT70H KO if you have one.  The ST90 is not for sale.

These are two Whizzers.  They were a very neat add on kit for a balloon tire bicycle.  I would like to find one of these in restorable condition.

Perry Bartholow has an excellent collection of all kinds of bikes.  To the right is a Mustang, and below is an Allsate...

62 Allstate of Perry Bartholow's

I had never heard of these until a few months ago.  They are Fantic Choppers.  If you have any information, parts or bikes;  would like to know about them.

Below is the Yard Hog - custom QA50 by John in Nebraska.