This project has lasted much longer than anticipated.  I could have restored a couple of minitrails in the time it has taken me so far.  The body  is very time intensive.  The color is original red, which was matched from the inside  of the taillight housing which was not faded. 

To date, it has been completely disassembled, with the exception of the engine, sandblasted, and we're going back together with it.  I will rebuild what is necessary on the engine, and at a minimum, the carb and seals.  It did run well before disassembly.  I have ordered all my parts through Garners, and the service and advice is excellent.  Prices were fair and the parts arrived quickly.  To date, I have approx. $350 in parts, $100 in paint and related materials, plus the approx. $400 purchase adds up quick.

The picture to the immediate left and below are updated as of 10/08/00. 

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Vespa (Allstate) restoration project...It's an Allstate, but made by Vespa. 

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